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What should you want out of College?

A genuine growth experience

A really good education — for three reasons. 1) College is expensive. You want to get your money’s worth. 2) 21st century employers need sharp, well-rounded, learners: people who can respond in the face of fast-paced change and global competition. 3) New grads like this are scarce.

Well-developed personal competencies, like time management, organization, goal-setting, planning, collaborative skills, and, communication. Why? Students need them to succeed in college. The workplace is looking for these competencies but not finding them among grads.

Students should begin growing these proficiencies as early as middle school. My books show teens (and parents) how. My books give students the savvy to succeed. What’s that?

The preparation to enter life after college as a contributor. Thinkers. Analyzers. Innovators. Good-decision-makers. College is a time and place of growth. A turning point in life. Not just “more of the same-old school.” Remember: There’s no guarantee of graduation.

To graduate on time and stay within budget

To pay only for a four-year degree! Only about 1 in 3 students graduate on time — but the majority had great high school grades. Surprised? To succeed in college (like succeeding in the workplace) students must grow and mature. Or pay 25%-50%+ more. Or pay lots more and never graduate. 40% are still taking courses in their 7th year!

The happy life factor

Research finds that young people lucky enough to go to college and take full advantage of the experience are more apt to live happy, fulfilling lives.

A student athlete gets a practice schedule, playbook, and pointers on developing skills from coaches. Shouldn’t students get the same preparation for college? It’s the Big Game. Get your coaching from an expert. Win by getting into college and graduate on time.



Get College Smart!®

Dr. Bob Neuman
Who is Dr. Bob?

A National Expert in College Readiness

Robert R. Neuman, PhD. I spent 25 years at Marquette University as dean of academic development. I have never met another academic dean who held a position like mine for so many years in a college of a comparable size. While there, I administered virtually all aspects of Student Academic Affairs for the college:

  • Oversaw the college’s admissions’ programs, screening prospective students.
  • Developed and organized the Academic Counseling Center, a concept far ahead of its time.
  • Chaired the Academic Appeals Committee, reviewing the cases of students in academic trouble. I sat on the Academic Review Boards for the Army, Navy and Marine ROTC programs.
  • Directed New Student Orientation Program the first week of each year.

I was the ultimate decision-maker in overseeing academic problems: I reviewed dishonesty cases; granted approval of transfer credits, grade changes, waivers of degree requirements, and withdrawals from the university.


As I look back on the hours I spent listening to and advising students, I gathered an enormous amount of valuable information — field research, so to speak. I have an intimate knowledge of college students: insights that only a handful of educators, if that, understand.

I feel compelled to share what I have learned —especially since no other book addresses the entire problem. Yes, there a books about studying, but not covering the entire college academic experience and how it all fits together.

My goal is to see that all students are ready for college. Those years, from middle school to graduating from college, are so important. The changes that occur in a young person’s life during this time are monumental. It’s no exaggeration to say that the success of students during this time literally determines their success in life.

My approach to achievement in education is to share my knowledge with families and educators on an individual basis—one by one. I have a broad vision for my educational campaign.

I truly believe that what I have to tell everyone who understands the real value of education will have a great and lasting impact on their lives.

I’ll tell you what you should know about college: preparing for it, admissions, succeeding, and starting a career. You need to know the facts.

I’d really like to help your student get into and succeed in college.

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  • Testimonials

    • I wish I had this book in high school! I’ve already told all my friends, we need this book.
      Homemaker and Parent
      8th & 11th graders
    • That’s the beauty of the book. It says, in a very easy-to-understand way, things … that no one has ever articulated.
      Attorney and Parent
      9th & 10th graders
    • It’s excellent …. It gives parents a place to go when things aren’t working out for their teenager. The book says, you can do better, and here’s how.
      Adjunct Professor and Parent
      9th grader & 29-year-old
    • These are life and academic skills to be learned. The fact that students don’t have them doesn’t mean that they can’t have them.
      Director of Student Services
      Midwestern Public School
    • This book really spoke to me. It’s like a light bulb goes on over your head, especially the section about the First Two Weeks.
      Engineer and Parent
      8th & 11th graders
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